Do I have to strip my frame of components and parts?

It really is best for us both to have all parts stripped off the frame including the bottom bracket. There are many detailed processes involved to repair a high end frames both structurally and visually. We only need the frame or components that need repairing or touch up paint.

Your regular mechanic can do this or we can provide a one-stop shop for an additional charge.

It is also best to clean your frame, this gives you the chance to inspect your carbon frame and identify any pre-existing flaws and damage that has been sustained. Then you will then be in a better position to tell me what you would like repaired and allow CBD to conduct a proper safety assessment for the proposed repairs to be undertaken.

We will always give your frame a clean and a once over before and after the repair, as I need to inspect, identify defects and efficacy of the repairs. 

Additional charges will apply if frame arrives dirty or greasy (grease is not good in a composite workshop).

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