Do you have ultrasound or x-ray machines to test my frame?

Damage on a bike frame is assessed visually and by acoustic tapping techniques.  Circumstances of how the damage was sustained and knowing the failure modes at play result in the damaged areas being located. 

In essence it is the experience of the carbon fibre specialist who has gained this experience from the repair of thousands of carbon fibre bike frames repaired, and also by designing and building bike frames.  Tristan has travelled to China to visit many carbon bike factories and understands how most frames are made. Prior to specialising in carbon fibre bikes, Tristan fabricated and repaired high performance race yachts. 

Often the extent of the damage is not fully revealed until the damage carbon fibres are exposed.  Knowing when there is a possibility of failure in compression is key to identifying extent of damage.

No ultrasound or x-ray machines are used.

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