What is the process for getting a Repair?

Step 1: Get a Quote

Read our Carbon & Paint Repair Page to see our Repair & Paint options. Then fill out the Quote form and provide as much detail as possible. We email you a Quote.

Step 2: Prepare for Transportation

We prefer bikes to be stripped down and clean for ease of repair. This can be done by your local bike shop or by us.

Step 3: Deliver the Bike to Us

You can drop off the bike to our workshop in person (call to confirm availability), or send by Courier or Australia Post.

Step 4: Job Confirmation

We validate the damage, then re-confirm with you the repair & finish level selected, pricing & target completion date.

Step 5: Carbon & Painting Repair

We repair your bike using advanced carbon fibre pre-preg composites, then apply paint & graphic finishes. 

Step 6: Finalise the Job

We email you our invoice with photos of the finished work, advising that the bike is ready for collection/courier after payment.

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