Featured Projects

Our approach is to combine professionalism with artisan-style quality to provide you with the best customer experience. Click each item below to view a full photo album for each project in our Carbon Bike Doctor Facebook page: Make sure you Like us on Facebook!

Carbon & Paint Repair: Paint & Graphics

GT Fury, MTB

Custom paint and graphics. Custom carbon hydraulic line entry and exit points. Custom build.

Carbon Repair No Paint: Nude Carbon

Malvern Star, Road Bike

Here is a good example of what a carbon repair would look like if you did not want it painted and finished to match the frame. Repairs like this can be turned around in a couple of days to keep you training (like for Melbourne Iron Man in this case). Often there is no need to strip the bike of components saving $ and time. It's the painting and graphics process that makes the turn around time into weeks. Only good carbon repairers would offer this service as there is nowhere to hide.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Restoration Project

Time VSM, Road Bike

TIME VSX - Head tube repair in matching weave, UV stable resin and complete restoration of this great frame.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Gulf Racing Inspired

Colnago C60, Road Bike

Gulf Racing inspired Colnago C60.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Component Painting

Crema Cycles: MTB

Replication of the colourway of CremaCycles Rigid fork setup onto a New 2016 Foxracingshox F29 Fork.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Off the Hook Design

Racing Inspired Colnago (Twins) C60 & C59

Racing Inspired Colnago (Twins) C60 & C59. These bikes were fully stripped of existing paint and then repainted with a custom designed racing-inspired paint job. This kind of work is incredibly complex and time consuming. The final result is amazing.

Paint Repair: Component Set Colour Change

3T Components, Road Bike

These brand new parts had the graphics removed and were painted in white gloss from black for a custom Enigma Titanium new build.

Carbon & Paint Repair: New Metallic Paint

Scott Addict: Road Bike

This Scott addict was stripped to bare carbon, undercoated - sanded fair and smooth to a high standard. We then layed down the custom design in silver, red, metallic grey/ black and finished with gloss clear before the final process of masking the inner fork and stay surfaces and finishing the rest of the frame in matte clear.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Single Colour, Nude Carbon Logos

Cervelo, Road Bike

This frame was stripped to nude carbon, had carbon repairs undertaken and had a very high quality single colour paint job with simple/ classy clear carbon window graphics showing through. To achieve this the undercoat colour matches the base coat colour.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Matte to Gloss Conversion

Cervelo P3, Road Bike

Factory Matte clear coat to gloss clear coat. This is one one of the best ways to give your bike a new look with the added bonus of easier maintenance/ cleaning.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Deconstructed Stealth Look

Colnago C59 Disc: Road Bike

Colnago C59 Disc bike was originally painted in factory gloss black and red with italian detailing. Our customer wanted to deconstruct the look and show the incredible carbon detailing that was underneath the original paint. The paint was removed and the frame taken back to raw carbon,then finished to a high standard in gloss clear and other subtle tonal highlights to protect the carbon frame from UV rays. A real “sleeper” bike, with no outward indication of its origin.

Carbon & Paint Repair: New Look with Corporate Branding

Azzuri - Road Bike

Our customer wanted to repaint his Azzuri bike as mobile advertising for his company Symmetry Survey. We can offer this service to customers looking to get a competitive edge.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Colours

Focus Izalco Pro - Road Bike

Our customer's brand new Focus Izalco Pro was repainted to replace yellow lettering, stripes & features to blue. The blue matches the colour used by Manly Warringah Cycling Club, of which our customer is a member.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Roof Transport Damage

Cannondale Super Six - Road Bike

The owner's Cannondale Super 6 was damaged while on the roof of a car. After CBD safely repaired the damage, the paint has been matched evenly so that no one can tell it was ever damaged in the first place.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Galvanic Corrosion

Rocky Mountain - MTB

Our customer's couple of year old Rocky Mountain carbon fibre MTB suffered a failure with the repair not covered under warranty. The frame had an alloy cable stop insert part inside the frame that had failed due to Galvanic corrosion of the alloy against the carbon. Although we obtained a warranty replacement part, fixing the issue was a major effort. The combination of alloy, carbon and water was enough to cause the customer considerable issues which we believe are caused by poor design.

Vinyl Stickers

Cervelo S5 - Road Bike

Our customer took delivery of a brand new 2014 Cervelo S5 but did not like the original blue/grey colour accents & stripes. We covered the old coloured paint with custom yellow vinyl stickers. We can make these up to suit practically any bike. Vinyl stickers can be easily implemented and allow you to regularly update your bike with a fresh look. It's also much cheaper than a full custom respray.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Paint & Graphics Touch-up

Trek - Road Bike

This Trek had some paint issues with deep scratches on the down tube. There was also a previous paint self-repair that needed tidying up.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Seat Stay Failure

Avanti Corsa - Road Bike

Avanti Corsa of up and coming road racer Luke Williams was rear ended by a fellow cyclist resulting in the catastrophic failure of the drive side seat stay. At Carbon Bike Doctor we are fully behind the development of young riders and support them when ever we can. We fixed it like new!!

Carbon & Paint Repair: Replicate Existing Paint

de Rosa - Road Bike

This frame was sent to De Rosa in Italy for a repaint by our customer. The finished product had orange peel throughout, decal lettering was not sharp & poor quality paints were used. The frustrated customer contacted CBD for a complete strip and repaint. The frame had lots of sentimental value and now looks great.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Rock Strike

Scott - MTB

This brand new 2014 Scott MTB was badly damaged via a rock strike to the bottom bracket. It was repaired as new and no one can tell there has been a repair.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Major Damage Repair

Cannondale - Road Bike

Very nice frame, super light. Our customer's power meter magnet came off - stuck to the chain - went through rear derailleur - jammed everything - snapped hanger - the whole lot went into the rear wheel and came around and hit the seat stay - Ouch. We repaired the bike as-new with a strong carbon repair and precise paint matching.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Bike Refurbishment

Cervelo - Road Bike

We refurbished and repaired our customer's 7 year old Cervelo. The bike had suffered damage and due to it's age it was due for a paint refurbishment. It's back to showroom condition at a fraction of the cost of a new bike.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Carbon Repair

Cervelo R3/5 Hanger Repair/Redesign

Sometimes good frames have still have a weakness. Such as the 2011 Cervelon R3/5 rear hanger. This frame was way too good to retire.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Top Tube Transit Damage

Scott Foil - Road Bike

Typical Carbon Fibre repair done at Carbon Bike Doctor... Transit damage - new frame - was destined to scrap heap until CBD was contacted.

Custom Carbon Manufacture: Handlebar Modification

Customisation, Carbon Services

We offer a number of customisation services, including making changes to carbon handlebars. In this instance the handlebars were cut down in size at customer request. This was achieved using a high-quality Fein saw.

Custom Carbon Manufature: Carbon Shield

Customisation, Carbon Design

A shield/protector cuff was made to protect this Wilier bike from chain suck. The bike had just been repaired by us from chain suck damage.

Non-Carbon Repair: Damaged water bottle mount

Merlin - Road Bike

The Merlin bike had lost one of the water bottle mounts which needed to be replaced.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Seat Post Damage

Cervelo P3 - Tri Bike #2

This is a BRAND NEW bike that suffered internal/external damage due to a loose seat post. We repaired the bike, and also added an extra carbon plate to stop this from happening again.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Roof Transport Damage

Twin Cannondale MTB's

These twin bikes were damaged on the roof of a transport car. They were safely repaired while providing a precise match to the paint.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Fresh Stealth Black Design

Merida - Road Bike

The customer has previously hand painted this bike three times in different colours - first gold, then silver, then black. This meant that there was a thick paint layer that had to be removed prior to painting in its finished state. The customer requested a basic matte black paint job with no decals or logos.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Bike Refurbishment

Cannondale Super 6 - Road Bike

This bike had a high quality paint job to replace the existing paint scheme. The bike had suffered carbon damage, and the customer wanted to also take it to the next level with a high gloss black and orange paint scheme.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Major Crack

Teschner - Road Bike

This bike had a large crack/split that needed to be repaired. We got it safely back on the road with no change to the ride feel.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Galvanic Corrosion

Cervelo P3 - Tri Bike

This bike - a competitive triathlete's training bike had both corrosion and carbon damage. The frame was repaired as new.

Carbon & Paint Repair: \ New Look

Niner - MTB

We transformed this white/black Niner MTB with a fresh new look. Our client wanted the colours flipped around and as you can see it now looks amazing.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Seat Stay Damage

Felt - Road Bike

Carbon damage repaired and repainted back to showroom condition. This bike was repaired by us back in 2013 after a crash broke the seat stay. After the bike was repaired it has since done an additional 26,000km as a semi-pro training bike.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Major Damage

De Rosa - Road Bike

This bike was fully repaired like new.

Our customer was in shock after their pride and joy was almost destroyed. It had significant damage and was a brand new bike.

Vinyl Stickers


We can create custom vinyl stickers that allow you to easily change your graphics. Vinyl technology has come a long way recently and it's now only 70 microns thick.

Carbon & Paint Repair: Frame Damage

 Focus - MTB

This MTB frame was heavily damaged, then repaired as new with matching paintwork

Carbon & Paint Repair: Reflective/Stealth Vinyl

Specialized S Works - Commuter Road Bike

Our customer had a Specialized S Works that needed some TLC. We repaired it good as new, then gave it a new life as a classy commuter bike. By day, it is stock stealth black. By night, the livery magically transforms to a reflective surface. To be seen in the dark, but stay classy in the day time.