Our Company

Carbon Bike Doctor was born of a passion for performance, a passion for design and a passion for cycling.

Carbon Bike Doctor is a Carbon Fibre Repair business (based in Mona Vale - Sydney, Australia) that can repair your bike at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We can match the carbon layers from original construction to ensure that your ride retains the same feel, quality and stiffness. We also offer a refinishing service, which in most cases you may not be able to tell where the repair was.

Our Founder Tristan Tucker has a simple philosophy: We strive to help our customers by providing them with the best experience possible. Whether through fixing your bike, giving it a new paint job, or building you a new one - we are here to help you. We want to also contribute to the environment by saving your bike and minimising waste.

High performance bikes use the same advanced materials (e.g. Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre composites, Titanium and lightweight alloys) and construction techniques as Carbon Fibre Yachts. They both have complex components that must perform under load and stress when pushed to the limit under race conditions.

We are leaders in the bicycle industry - offering a fully independent, professional service. Our passion for cycling is combined with great customer service. We know you love cycling and we have that in common! We want to both get your bike back quickly on the road and have you recommend us to your friends.

Contact us for a quote. We deal directly with our customers or can have the work go through your local bike shop (by arrangement). Bike shops and distributors are regular clients. We are also happy to come out to discuss Carbon Fibre repair with your cycling club or bike shop (Sydney area only).

You can drop off your bike to our workshop or we can assist to arrange delivery by courier. We have serviced clients all around Australia. We prefer bikes to be stripped down and clean for ease of repair, however we can also offer this as a service.

The above bikes were being transported on a car roof when hit by a large branch. Both suffered major carbon damage and were repaired to showroom condition.

    Founder Bio

    Tristan Tucker has over 15 years of advanced composite construction expertise at the forefront of carbon fibre technology and construction.

    Tristan commenced with Carbon Fibre as a boatbuilding apprentice at McConaghy Racing Yachts and became a qualified Carbon Fibre Boat Builder.

    Tristan developed Carbon Fibre expertise on high performance Grand Prix Maxi yachts (e.g. Alfa Romeo, Morning Glory and Wild Oats) and Americas Cup class yachts built solely from Carbon Fibre (i.e. hull, masts, boom, spar, sails & rigging).

    Based in Stockholm Sweden, Tristan worked as a member of the Erricson Racing Team's boat build team. Involved in all aspects of a high-quality build of Ericsson 4 - winner of the 2008/9 Volvo round-the-world ocean race.

    Tristan lived in France, Italy and Spain for 5 years crewing and racing Super Yachts - the expensive toys of the rich and famous. This is where he first fell in love with road cycling and mountain biking and developed a competitive racing nature.

    Tristan was involved with the manufacture of structural Carbon Fibre Hang glider components at Composite Creations in Sydney.

    Tristan built custom one-off hand made Carbon Fibre bikes for Teschner Bikes - one of Australia's leading Carbon Fibre Bike manufacturers - based in Ballina NSW.

    Tristan has used the same advanced Carbon Composites techniques as learned in Boat Building to safely repair hundreds of Carbon Fibre Bikes at Carbon Bike Doctor.

    Tristan has developed artisan bike painting skills to perform hundreds of bike painting resprays from minor repairs through to custom complete resprays.

    Tristan can build clients one-off custom Carbon Fibre Road Bikes 100% from scratch to meet your needs. We can offer this service to our customers and create you the most exclusive ride.