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Carbon Bike Doctor, situated in Somersby - Greater Sydney, Australia, is an expert in repairing carbon fiber bikes. Our exceptional services are available at a much lower cost than replacement. About Us

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At Carbon Bike Doctor, our passion for cycling drives us to help people get the most out of their bikes. We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers, and we always aim to exceed their expectations. Our independence lets us focus solely on your needs, so you can trust us to provide the best possible service.


At our company, our Founder, Tristan Tucker believes in a straightforward approach: we aim to give our customers the best possible experience by assisting them with their bike needs, whether repairing their current one or building them a new one. Our mission is not only to help you but also to help the environment by reducing waste through bike preservation.


High-performance bikes and Carbon Fibre Yachts utilize advanced materials such as Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre composites, Titanium, and lightweight alloys. They are constructed using complex techniques and components that must withstand load and stress when pushed to the limit during races.


Tristan, the Chief Alchemist and Founder possess vast expertise in constructing high-performance yachts like Grand Prix Maxi, America’s Cup, and Volvo Ocean Race yachts, along with developing Carbon Hang Glider components and custom handmade Carbon Road Bikes for Teschner Bikes. The founder of Carbon Bike Doctor, Tristan, created Vale Bikes, Australia’s most exclusive handmade Carbon Road Bikes.

Welcome to Carbon Bike Doctor, a Carbon Fibre Repair business located in Somersby, Greater Sydney, Australia. We are passionate about cycling and believe that every cyclist deserves the best experience possible. We aim to exceed customer expectations, care about people, and ensure your safety when you get back on your bike. Our Founder, Tristan Tucker, believes that we can help our customers by providing the best experience possible, whether that is by repairing your bike or building a new one. We also care about the environment, so we aim to save your bike and reduce waste. 

High-performance bikes use the same advanced materials and construction techniques found in high-performance racing yachts, formula one cars and the aerospace industry. Carbon repair is a standard practice in these industries, and we are proud to offer the same quality of service to our clients. You can drop off your bike at our workshop, or we can arrange delivery by courier. We prefer bikes to be stripped down and cleaned for ease of repair, but we also offer this as a service. Trust us to be independent and look after your needs.

I began my career constructing carbon fibre racing yachts, but I eventually shifted my focus to cycling, which is my true passion. After successfully constructing some of the fastest racing yachts in the world, we searched for a product that could meet the same high standards. In 2011, we established Carbon Bike Doctor, which has since become Australia’s top carbon bike repair service, safely fixing thousands of carbon fibre bikes. Our extensive experience allowed us to identify various design flaws and defects in mass-produced bikes, which often result in design compromises and frame failures. Additionally, we have created the Vale brand, which produces the top-quality carbon fibre bikes that are designed to surpass the limitations of production frames and last for years to come. – Tristan Tucker


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Unit 22/ 222 Wisemans Ferry Road
Somersby NSW 2250

Phone: (02) 9999 1192