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We are the Carbon Fibre Repair experts with over 25 years Carbon Fibre expertise. Get a Quote - Carbon Bike Repair & Custom Paint Solutions - Sydney, Australia

Fill out the enquiry form to get started!

1. Fill out the form

Please give a detailed explanation of how the damage happened, and attach photographs if possible. Next, please select one of our paint refinishing choices. We will email you to confirm if we can repair the damage and schedule a physical assessment and quote.

2. send in your frame

To get an accurate quote for repairing your damaged frame or component, bring it to our workshop in person (give us a call to confirm the timing) or send it to us via Courier or Australia Post. We'll conduct a physical inspection of the damage and use non-destructive testing methods, such as ultrasound, to determine the extent of the damage. We may recommend further testing to identify hidden damage for certain types of accidents or more significant crashes. Please note that insurance quotes always require a full inspection.

3. we repair it

We understand that photos may not always capture the full extent of damage caused by impact events or crashes during transit. That's why we thoroughly assess the physical damage to ensure safe repair. Our team then creates a customized solution for repair and refinishing, backed by a comprehensive warranty to guarantee top-quality results.

Let’s make things happen!