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Terms & Conditions

Our standard terms and conditions are;

  1. We must physically inspect and test all damage in person to provide a quote.
  2. Standard quote inspections are free if you go ahead with a repair. Otherwise, after we have tested and inspected the damage, a $150 fee is chargeable to cover our time and use of specialised test equipment (e.g. ultrasound).
  3. Bike frames couriered to Carbon Bike Doctor or delivered and picked up in person are at your own cost and risk.  (Though accidents happen, no frame has been damaged by a properly boxed frame sent by courier to Carbon Bike Doctor yet.)
  4. Carbon Bike Doctor reserves the right to refuse to repair an item if, on closer assessment, it shows the item is too severely damaged or a suitable repair method does not exist.
  5. A warranty of 2 years is provided on the workmanship and the materials for any carbon repair.  In the case of paint finishes, the warranty period is one year.  Carbon Bike Doctor uses only top-grade/quality materials and works to a high standard.  All warranties are limited and confined to the immediate area of repair only.
  6. The warranty is available only to the bike owner at the time of repair.  It is not transferable.
  7. Carbon Bike Doctor’s repair warranty is void if the bike is used on an indoor trainer that holds the rear dropouts rigid.
  8. Pick-up and inspection at Carbon Bike Doctor are by prior arrangement only.
  9. High-quality carbon repairs require a clean bare frame (i.e. stripped of parts) so access is unimpaired and the bike parts are not contaminated with paint overspray and polishing compounds.  (Note: Oil and grease adversely impact the adhesion and quality of the painting.)
  10. While all care will be taken, Carbon Bike Doctor will not be responsible for the loss or damage of small/detachable parts left on the bike frame when couriered or delivered to Carbon Bike Doctor.
  11. Carbon Bike Doctor aims to keep the paint repair area as small as possible to minimise the impact on the frame’s originality.  Matching and replicating the finish/graphics on these high-end products can be painstakingly difficult, or impossible.  Carbon Bike Doctor aims for a repair area to be unnoticeable, and this is most often the case, but sometimes there will be a slight imperfection.
  12. Repair of handlebars, badly damaged forks and wheels with damage to the braking surface are generally not undertaken, as replacement is more economical.